Has the Irish Revolution Started?

 This Song sums it all


Some figures on Irish Banking Rescue



Update: A Letter to Phil Hogan re Household Charge

Update: A New Political Party Democracy Now!

Update: History Repeating Itself with Robber Banks and Barons?

Update: Ben Gilroy halts Receivers

New Website

The Irish Bank Debt Bailout

The most amazing thing about this problem is that it is nearly four years since it started and the Irish people are still quiet. All they have done so far is punish the innocent fools who were the Fianna Fail/Green government when the excessive amount of money which the Irish banks LEANT INTO EXISTANCE could not be repaid due to the drop in property prices and the resultant economic contraction.


See this you-tube video about an attempted house repossession in County Laois, Ireland.

Sheriff sent Packing

Most Irish people (including those involved in the law) do not realise that our constitution is the primary law of the land – they still think that the legal practices inherited from English rule still apply. We are citizens not subjects and this is a very important distinction.

I wonder has the Irish revolution begun?

Irish Revolution Household Tax

It is not our debt

Defend our homes league

Freedom from all debt

Irish Bondwatch

We the People

No Household Tax

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